Pruning Your Tree

Why You Should Bother Pruning Your Trees: Not Just for Looks

Most people agree that it is necessary to regularly prune their trees, and that is great because it is correct, but many of them think that it is important just because of the look, as it surely improves the tree’s overall look, and makes it seem healthier and much better.

However, the look is not the only reason to prune your trees, as there are many more important reasons for that, so we will focus more on them in the text below.

Reducing safety risks

Sometimes, trees can be damaged or diseased, which can cause many dead branches to hang from them, and even the weakest wind can cause them to fall, which is a high safety risk, especially in populated places.

These branches can fall and hurt someone, damage houses, and cause huge damage to the entire neighborhood if they are hanging over electrical lines. Besides that, damaged or diseased trees do not pose a safety risk only during storms and bad weather since the entire tree can fall because of poor root growth, which can have severe consequences.

Because of that, it is crucial to provide the best care for your tree, and this type of pruning should always be done by professionals in order to reduce all the safety risks to a minimum. So, if you need professional care for your favorite plants and do not know where to find the best ones, visit Green Drop Tree Care.

Treating certain diseases

disease treating

Each plant lover knows that plants can have certain diseases, which can spread pretty quickly and even cause the entire plant to die. There are many different preparations that we can use to treat certain diseases, but when it comes to some fungal infections, no matter how hard we try, the only cure is pruning the affected branches.

Although these fungal infections do not usually kill the tree, they spread extremely fast and can be found on most types of trees, and it is crucial to react fast and solve the problem. Most people are afraid that removing the affected branches will make their favorite plant look bad, but it is the only way to say it, so try to be creative and change its shape in order to save it.

Better growth

Although it sounds contradictory, the more we prune our trees, the more they will grow. It is extremely similar to human hair – if we have split ends, our hair will not grow, and cutting them is the only way to improve growth.

The reason is the same in both cases, as dead branches can only prevent the plant from growing because it needs to dedicate more water and nutrients to other parts of the plant in order to balance the top of the tree.

Cutting off the dead branches can help the plant use water and nutrients in the right way and have balanced growth. Regarding that, pruning is a must, as the tree will grow new branches around the cuts pretty quickly, which will make it seem much more lush.

More fruits and flowers

tree flowers

People who have fruit or trees that should produce beautiful flowers must know that it is crucial to remove all the dead branches before the flowering season, or the plant will not be able to have them.

It is not only important for flowering trees, but fruit ones, too, as there cannot be fruits without flowers. There are a few reasons why pruning is so important and can produce fruit and flower growth. First of all, it helps spurs grow and form strong flower buds, which is crucial for fruits, as the more spurs and flower buds, the more fruit you will get.

Another important thing is air circulation around the fruit as it helps the fruit ripen and allows you to enjoy tasteful healthy fruit. In the end, as we have already mentioned, it prevents plants from various diseases and insect infestations, keeping them safe and ready to grow fruits.

Controlling the size

Although we can do a lot of things to improve the growth of our favorite plants, it is sometimes necessary to restrict their size, as some of them tend to become extremely large, which is not good, especially for those who live in areas where they have a restricted space.

Some big plants are not a great solution for small backyards with a lot of houses around, but pruning can be the best way to keep the tree in a good size that cannot endanger anyone, so you can enjoy having your favorite plant, even if it is not perfect for your backyard.

Enhanced view

cut dried branches

Living near the lake, river, sea, mountains, or everywhere with a perfect look is a dream come true for people who enjoy drinking their morning coffee while watching the sunrise or relaxing during the breathtaking sunset. Having plants in the backyard can improve the entire impression, but sometimes, they can become so big that they actually block the view.

Of course, there is no need to remove the trees to enjoy the view, as it is enough only to prune and shape them properly so they can perfectly fit into the environment and enhance the view and entire impression. Although you can do it on your own, it is always better to call a professional who will understand your needs and come up with a perfect solution.

To summarize

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should bother pruning your trees and why it is something that every plant lover should consider. It can prolong the plant of the plant by keeping it healthy, allow you to have your favorite tree in the backyard even if it is not a perfect decision, and for those who want to produce their own fruit, it is a must, as it guarantees a perfect harvest season.

Of course, in the end, we need to mention that perfectly shaped plants will always attract people’s looks and make the entire property seem much more beautiful landscaped.