SureFire Defender LED Flashlight Review

SureFire Defender LED Flashlight Reviews

Rated as one of the best flashlights in the market, the SureFire Defender LED Flashlight can really outshine other flashlights in its league.

When you use this, you will be ensured that this is capable of giving you excellent performance and convenience.

When it comes to aesthetics, you will surely appreciate this flashlight. It is beautifully built and honed to be in its best shape.

The SureFire Defender can provide an intense 500 lumens of light. Even if you set it at its lowest, you will still observe that it can still shine brightly.

This is mainly because of the regulated LED emitter equipped with this device. This is the reason why this flashlight is recommended to be used at night.

Well-Balanced For Comfortable Use

SureFire Defender LED Flashlight Review

This flashlight is engineered to have a perfect look and shape. It makes it easy to carry whatever activities you are planning to do.

The diameter of this flashlight makes the head and the tail balanced enough to keep this flashlight standing.

It is 5.40 inches in length, and it only weighs 370 ounces. These dimensions make this flashlight well-balanced.

You can also do a bezel down carry with this flashlight through the two-way pocket clip inclusion. It will really feel perfectly comfortable to pull it out of your pocket in times that you need it. It will slip and glide easily out of your pocket.

Aside from this, you can use this flashlight for different applications and uses. You will definitely love how bright the light is. With 500 lumens of illumination, you can definitely go far with this flashlight.

The LED emitter of this device is almost indestructible, making it a top choice for most of tactical activities.

The structure of this flashlight is meant for long-term use. It makes sure that the concentration will be placed to where it should be really focused on. Aside from this, the TIR is also very helpful in cresting balanced beams.

High Strength Aluminum Body

This EDC flashlight is made with perfection and durability in mind. The casing is made with resilient aluminum steeled alloy that can surely beat all odds.

Even if you drop it for a couple of times, you don’t need to worry that it might be broken because it isn’t fragile. The SureFire Defender is made to be the toughest of the tough.

The specifications of the body are in line with the qualifications of the military force. For this reason; many of the users are able to enjoy the benefits of this EDC flashlight.

The window of this device is coated-tempered, making it resistant to different kinds of impacts. The lighting abilities of this flashlight will not be affected even if you subject it to impact. It will still shine as intensely as it’s supposed to be.

Another advantage of this one that you will appreciate is that it can be used as a weapon to an attacker or aggressor.

You can actually use it in times of emergency. You can use it for self-defense since it is hard enough to injure someone.

SureFire Defender Features and Specifications

  • Capacity of 500 lumens of light – this is indeed intense for a small flashlight.
  • Very small – the length is only 5.60 inches.
  • Lightweight – it only weigh 3.5 ounces, which makes it easy to carry around.
  • Two-way pocket clip – it allows bezel down carry.
  • Run time – it can run up to 2 hours in intense mode of lighting.
  • Compatible to other Defender series – the parts can also be used in other series of SureFire. This makes it easier to replace some parts.
  • Versatile beam

SureFire Defender Reviews

SureFire Defender LED Flashlight Review

One of the most interesting features of SureFire Defender that makes it deserving of a 7 out of 10 ratings is the high-intensity light of 500 lumens.

Many of the users really like the versatility of the beams. They are able to use it for varied purposes.

The head fits excellently and perfectly with its body and tail switch. These features with the bezel down mechanism make it really a perfect combination.

The users are also very satisfied with the performance of this EDC flashlight. Some of them even noted that they are able to use it with their outdoor activities.

Overall, the users are able to benefit from this ultra-small EDC flashlight. They are also endorsing it to other users because of their good experience.

Things to Improve

One thing that needs to be improved with this flashlight is its design. It should be more appealing to the users. Another thing is the initial output. It should be maintained for a longer period of time.

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The SureFire Defender is an EDC flashlight that has multiple uses. Aside from using it as a normal flashlight, you can maximize its benefits as a weapon for protection.

This makes it really famous for people who always need to travel at night. This can be considered the best self-defense flashlight in the market. It will surely provide the defense and convenience that you need.

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