Best Light For Product Photography Reviews

Best Light For Product Photography With Buying Guide

Perfect lighting is a necessity for any kind of photography, video making or similar stuff. Nowadays, we can’t deny that better lighting is a necessity for studio production.

Good lighting not only increases the quality of your product photography, but it also increases the skill of one’s. 

But a quality less studio lighting can ruin not just your product photography; it also decrees your quality skills.

That’s why choosing a quality studio kit is really important, and almost all of us failed to choose while selecting which one we need for our product photography.

For that, to ensure the best quality and right one, I choose 7 Best Light For Product Photography. Those not just help with your product photography; they will also help you to do video-making work. Let’s get all their features and advantages.

Top 7 Best Light For Product Photography

1. Neewer Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

Neewer Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

Neewer Continuous Lighting Kit is one of the great photography kits from Neewer. Having quality features and well built this got a huge market in this sector. Also, its multiple accessories are best for product photography lighting diagrams.

They provide four 45W CFL daylight Bulb with a single headlight holder, 79inch 4 light stand with 6 backdrop clamps, two 33inch umbrellas and 24″x24″ Softbox, one 1.8 x 2.8M Muslin Backdrop (Black, White, and Green), one 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Stand Support System. 

They give one Background Support System carrying bag and one Carry Bag for Continuous Lighting Kit to carry all these. And For me it’s my favorite and the light for product photography.

Key Features

Socket and bulb

An energy-effective 45W daylight spiral screw base single bulb can easily be directly attached with the E27 socket.

The light bulb seems to be a 200W incandescent light bulb, and the 5550k fluorescent spiral bulb mostly generates natural daylight.


The wide 33inch translucent umbrella is very white with quality material. It can broaden, soften and diffuse any tungsten light output.

Reflector softbox

This Softbox uses a silver reflector inner surface, minimizing light loss and spreading light.

Also, the white diffuser helps to soften the harsh light and provides better light and natural skin tone in portrait product photography.

Adjustable angle

They give 3 legs stages 79inch aluminum light stand. The stand is very strong, capable of handling heavy work.

It can be adjustable to high and low angles in multiple sections. With this stand attaching a single bulb and an umbrella is very much easy.


  • Generate 5500k natural color temperature
  • E27 socket for directly connecting bulb
  • Soften and broaden tungsten light output
  • Holder head can be rotated around 180degress
  • Provide high-quality accessories carrying bag
  • Ideal for video production and digital photography


  • The whole kit is a little bit heavy to carry.

2. HPUSN Softbox Professional Studio Lighting Kit

HPUSN Softbox Professional Studio Lighting Kit

HPUSN is a photography equipment brand, and one of their best products is this HPUSN Softbox Professional Studio Lighting Kit.

Its multiple advantages and accessories support makes this kit quite popular in the market, and it is one of the best product photography lighting kits in this price range.

In this kit, you get 2 quality softboxes. It’s a 27.56 x 7.87 x 8.27 inches size softbox made of high-quality PET and provides great reflective performance. Also, it is very strong to use for a long time.

Key Features


The inner side there uses a nylon reflector; it reflects the most lights of the bulb and provides maximum brightness to light.

The material they used on the front is a high-quality PET fabric. It ensures maximum softening and broadens any tungsten light output to provide natural skin tone in video production and digital photography.

Also, the diffuser could be replaced or removed any time you need.

Light holder

The light socket they implanted directly connects light bulbs. It supports heavyweight and works in tough conditions. Also, it is great to dissipate heat and ensures Softbox is in good condition.


The bulb they recommend to use here is a 45W CFL Daylight Bulb. It can generate or provide 5500 Kelvin color temperature that ensures maximum natural light.

Cord: the cord with the light socket is very long and comes in great quality. Ensures no short circuit or burn and fits everywhere.


  • Used nylon reflector for more brightness
  • Used high-quality PET fabric white reflector
  • The light socket cord is well long
  • Light holders directly connect light bulbs
  • Provides 24 months Guarantee


  • Does not come with a light stand or bulb
  • Does not provide any carrying bag

3. UBeesize Continuous Portable LED Video Light Kit

UBeesize Continuous Portable LED Video Light Kit

UBeesize LED Video Light Kit is one of the best Continuous Portable Photography kits from UBeesize.

For these kits, advanced features and multiple accessories supported in this price range, this kit is loved by maximum people.

This kit provides 2 Led panel lights, a tripod, and ball heads. Also, it provides 2 pieces of 5 color filters and a light video manual. Those are really helpful for video shooting.

Key Features

USB powered light

The led panel is very bright. In a panel, there are 66 led bulbs. It is equipped with a ball header; with this, you can angle it up to 180° to shoot your favorite angle. The cable with the panel is very long. 

An adapter on the cable controls the brightness level and turns it on or off. Also, it’s a USB cable; you can plug it into a desktop or move the plug.

Color filters

They provide color filters such as red, green, white, and blue to attach with the panel. This helps to provide visual effects on your photography which looks great at video conferences, YouTube videos, online courses. 

Adjustable tripod

The tripod is adjustable. One can easily maintain the high up and down up to 23.62″ – 57.68″. Also, you can rotate it at a 360° angle. Also, on this tripod, you can easily use your phone, light, and ring lights.

Multiple usable

This panel is not large and heavy can be used anywhere, such as while video recording, playing games, shooting people, and during makeup.


  • Perfect for video conferencing recording.
  • Multiple Diversification Shooting Effects
  • USB ports for universal plugin
  • 360° ratable and 180° adjustable panel
  • Ultra-low or ultra-high positioning tripod


  • Not for professional Portrait and Video Shoot

4. Glendan Portable Photo Studio Light Box

Glendan Portable Photo Studio Light Box

Glendan Studio LightBox is one of the best studio boxes for shooting small items for beginners and professional photography from Glenda.

These boxes are easily portable and foldable assembly and have advantages; they had great popularity in the market.

You got 6 color backdrops, a Diffuser cloth, a reflector board, a USB power cable, and a studio box in this kit.

With these, you can easily picture or video small accessories such as toys, gadgets, watches, jewelry, and much more.

Key Features

Color Backdrops

They provide 6 thicker PVC and paper color backgrounds, which gives multiple visual effects such as white, blue, green, back, red, and orange. These are sturdy enough and detachable, so you can easily change the background.

Portable Box

It’s a 12*12 inch easy portable and foldable studio box that can be assembled within 10 seconds. It is durable enough and waterproof. Also, it opens on the front and top to provide you with ultimate shooting angles.

USB power Led

This led panel comes with 112 high-display lamp beads. Provides high color rendering index and color temperature.

It consumes much power and runs by a USB port whose length is 2m. Also, it comes with an adapter to control light brightness.

Reflection Board

The inner wall of the box is made of silver reflective fabric to avoid vignette effects. Also, it provides a reflection board for increasing the light reflection and a light diffuser to soften the light in every corner.


  • Easily portable and foldable durable box
  • For assemble, no screws and brackets are needed
  • 6 color background for multiple effects
  • high color rendering index and color temperature.
  • Comes with USB port for desktop or wall plugin


  • Only shooting for smaller items

5. Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit

Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit

Fovitec Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit is an overhead light for product photography kit from Fovitec. It’s a 5 socket Fluorescent fixture with a strong build and multiple advantages; it is best for shooting live streaming, online tutorials, interviews, and more.

In this kit, they provided three softboxes; in two softboxes, there are 5 socket heads, and the other one has a single socket head, 11 45W Fluorescent lamps, 3 light stands, 1 boom stand, and a carrying bag.

Key Features

Overhead light

They provide a boom stand that will attach with the main stand and light from the overhead for better photos and videos.


They provide 5 socket heads to attach multiple lights. They used an E27 socket, which is made with quality material to take much weight and work in tough conditions. Also, it provides power input and power switches back of the socket for easy control.


Here used 45W fluorescent lamp lights, which provide excellent color accuracy and 5500k color temperature, similar to daylight.


20*28 Softbox’s inner sider is made of silver film reflective fabric to avoid vignette effects and outer white diffuser cloth for softening lights. 

Adjustable stand

The 7’6″ stands are made of quality aluminum. It can be adjustable in multiple heights and can rotate up to 180° for better lighting where you want for live streaming, interviews, online tutorials and photography.


  • 45W fluorescent lamp lights for color accuracy
  • Used silver film reflective fabric 
  • Provided boom stand for overhead light
  • Great for beginners and professionals
  • Can be used for portrait photos and videos
  • Give excellent color accuracy


  • Can not up-down brightness 

6. Neewer 2-Pack 480 LED Video Light Lighting Kit

Neewer 2-Pack 480 LED Video Light Lighting Kit

Neewer 480 LED Video Light Lighting Kit is a combined white and yellow lighting led panel from Neewer.

Its slim body, lighting capability, and performance make it an automatic choice for professionals and the best continuous light for product photography.

This kit gave us 2 dimmable Bi-color 480 LED video lights with a U bracket, white diffuser, softbox diffuser, light stand, power adapter, power cable, and carrying bag. 

Key Features

Led panel lighting

Contains 240 white and 240 yellow led bulbs. These can generate 3200K to 5600K color temperature, which can give you Ultra High 96+ CRI that’s very close to natural daylight. Also, from the back, you can control brightness.

U-mount bracket

The panel is connected with a U-mount bracket. This type of mount helps to rotate the panel 360° and helps to adjust as your need during photography.

Softbox diffuser

This thing helps to soften the 480 LED panel light rays and helps to reduce shadows from the object. That helps to click the perfect portrait photo.

Adjustable stand

The tripod stand is not much longer but is made with quality aluminum and can be adjustable from 25.98 inches to 75 inches. That helps to click perfect portraits, product studio photography, and outdoor video shooting.


You can power this up with both AC and DC adapters. So, you can easily do indoor and outdoor shooting without any problem.


  • Easy to carry for Slim and lightweight body
  • It can be used with both DC and AC adapter
  • Generate 3200K to 5600K color temperature
  • Provide Ultra-High 96+ CRI
  • U-mount bracket for panels 360° rotation


  • They do not provide Sony V Li-ion battery 

7. Dimmable Bi-Color LED Video Lighting Kits

Dimmable Bi-Color LED Video Lighting Kits

Dimmable Bi-Color LED Video Lighting Kit is a uniquely designed kit from Dimmable. The U-mount bracket with the soft diffuser and leaf barn doors on the panel, led display, integrated fan, and app control make it unique from others and make it the ultimate choice.

This kit gives us 2 Bi-color LED Video Lights, tripods, adapter, power cable, battery cable, Barn doors, soft diffuser, and 4 color filters. Also, it is one of the best-led lights for product photography.

Key Features

App control

For this kit, they made GVM’s mature software that can control brightness and can on-off the fan. Also, you can manually control all these from the back of the socket.

Unique design

The led panels are connected with a U-mount bracket that can be rotated 360°. Also, they added Barn doors and a soft diffuser that looks great on the side of the panel and works perfectly to soften brightness and improve photography. Also, put a fan inside the panel to remain cool all the time.

Led light

In this panel, they planted 144 powerful LED lights. Those are also 50W optical lenses that provide 3200K to 5600K color temperature, giving you Ultra High 97+ CRI. Also, this LED’s brightness can be controlled for your photography needs.

Adjustable stand

The tripod stand is made of high-quality aluminum. Can take the load very well and adjustable ultra-low to ultra-high height.


You can run these LEDs with both an AC and DC connection. So that you can use it on both inside and outside product photography shooting. 


  • APP Control LED Video Light
  • Had led screen and control panel on the back
  • Unique multifunctional design
  • Easily portable from one place to another place
  • High color rendering index and color temperature
  • Dimmable Bi-Color LED light


  • It does not include any battery

Things To Consider Before Buying- Why To Invest And What To Buy

For product photography, Continuous lights or Strobe lights are two solutions. One always keeps on while photography and the other flashes on and off during click. 

Best Light For Product Photography

I go for the continuous lights; it helps to locate the shadows and helps to decide how much light you want on that photo.

Without this, you have to look at other equally important features. Let’s talk about those best light for product photography concepts and where you should keep your eye while buying.

Continuous Light

Two types of light mostly used in product photography; Fluorescent tubes or tungsten light bulbs and LED panels.

Both are capable of providing a great amount of light. But the LED panels are easily adjustable and capable of providing much lighter except darkening studio and less power consumption.


For product photography, you need a tripod stand which should be adjustable from ultra-low to ultra-high height and rotation capacity.

It helps to angle the light and play with the shadow. It would be better if you chose a kit with a broom stand; it helps to light over the head and increase the product photography.

Softbox And Umbrella

While choosing the product photography kit, make sure there is a Softbox or umbrella. It helps to soften the harsh light rays and feel a charming light on the product.

Softbox And Umbrella For Product Photography

Also, make sure that the inner side of the Softbox is made of silver film reflective fabric, and the front has a white quality diffuser. It helps to get great portrait product photography.

Umbrella is also a great part of product photography helps to wider and spread the light and make the studio lighter for a better lighter subject.

Control Panel

It is not an optional thing. This thing really helps to increase the quality of product photography by increasing or decreasing the brightness of the light. Also, from the control panel, you can change the color of the light as you need if your light supports it.

Connection And Cable

Choose a kit that supports AC and DC connections so that for outdoor and indoor shooting, you can use the kit while plugging in or while using a battery.

Connection And Cable For Product Photography Light

The cable should be long enough so that you can connect it from a distance. Also, if you get a USB cable, it would be better. 


Different brands sell product photography at different prices. So some give good at low prices or some give bad at a high price.

From my review of products as per the budget and looking at these features, I recommend you to choose one of these two; Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit and Dimmable Bi-Color LED Video Lighting Kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What light should I use for product photography?

Ans: There are two types of light you can use for product photography; one is continuous lights, and the other is Strobe lights.

From these, you should use continuous lights because, during photography, it remains on all the time until you turn it off and helps to locate the light movement and helps to decide how much light you want on that photo.

Q: Are LED lights good for product photography?

Ans: Yes, LEDs are good for product photography. They are much brighter than the other bulbs and can be adjustable in different colors, and consume less power than bulbs that are suitable for your work. But in fully darker studies, it makes it harder to shoot and can reduce the quality of your photo.

Q: How many lumens do I need for product photography?

Ans: It’s very easy to calculate how many lumens I need for product photography. For that, you have to multiply that place’s square footage by that place’s foot-candle requirement.

That means a room of 100 square feet needs 20 to 30-foot candles, which means 2000 to 3000 lumens you need.

Q: How much should product photography cost?

Ans: it depends on the accessories he uses and how much experience he is, like a beginner, semi-pro, or professional. But normally, for product photography, you have to pay around 50$ to 500$ for an hour. 

Q: How many watts do I need for product photography?

Ans: it depends on the studio size and subjects. If you own a small or medium studio with fewer subjects, you may not need more than 200-350 watts, and if you have a large studio and more subjects, you may need around 400-550 watts for product photography.

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Final Verdict

As nowadays the product photography sector is becoming a business-making opportunity for many of us. That’s why it should be practiced with a quality tool for better skill development and quality photo results. 

For that, looking at this thing, I tried to choose Best Light for beginners to professionals usage, and I got 7 of them from this current market.

These kits are capable enough of doing perfect product photography and other video-making works. I hope you like one of those I reviewed and chose one for your product photography. Thank you.

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