How Many Pendants Over Island: Pendant Light Size Guide

Are you confused about how many pendants over island you will need? Unfortunately, it’s expected, especially for those who are new and planning to hang pendant lights in the dining room, kitchen, front porch, living room, foyer, or bedroom. Basically, it is very challenging to calculate the size of the pendant light, the height of the ceiling, and other related things.

Many factors depend on pendant light calculation, such as how tall the ceiling is, how extended the island is, how many pendants you need, many more things.

No need to worry, because in our complete guide, all the things are explained in detail so that you can easily understand how many pendants you should put over a kitchen island. Let’s begin…

How Many Pendants Over Island: Pendant Light Size Guide

How Many Pendants Over Island (Step by Step)

In this section, we will share step by step complete process about how much lighting is over kitchen island, so try to understand the whole process carefully.

  • First, you need to make a total estimation of the length and width of the island.
  • After that, you have to give clearance by making 6 inches from all fixture sides (you need minus a total of 12 inches). Then add the remaining measurements together.
  • This measure is the approximate allowable width of each pendant.
  • Then take your whole table length, then 6 inches clearance from all sides as in the previous calculation (you need minus 12 inches). Then divide the remaining measurements with any number of maximum allowable width, and again divide by two.
  • Finally, the result you got now is the approximate number of pendants that you could hang over your island.

By following the above process, you can easily determine how many pendant lights will be perfect for your island.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas 

For easy understanding, we share an image. It will help you to get an idea of each side’s measurements.

For many of us, the calculation process seems to be a lot of hassle. However, if you also similarly seem a little bit confused about how to calculate pendant lights over an island, determine pendant light size, and how many pendants you should put over a kitchen island process, then below we are shared some of the most common pendant lights dimensions, which will make your job a lot easier.

How Many Pendant Lights Over 5 Foot Island?

How Many Pendants Over Island

A 5-foot island is a much smaller island, so in this case, if you use larger pendant lights, it will not be able to shine more perfectly as well as the beauty. However, you can use 2 medium or 2 small pendant lights, which are excellent options for a 5-foot island.

How Many Pendant Lights Over 6 Foot Island?

How Many Pendants Over Island

Three medium pendant lights are enough for your 6-foot large island, but if you expect large pendants, then you can install 2 large pendants. We suggest you use 3 medium pendant lights because it is also very comfortable for your eyes. 

Small pendant lights are 10 inches or smaller wide, medium pendant lights are 15 to 20 inches wide, and lastly, large pendant lights are 20 inches or wider.

How Many Pendant Lights Over 7 Foot Island?

How Many Pendants Over Island

Two large pendant lights are enough for a 7-foot island, but you have to keep many things in case of installation. In particular, each pendant should have a proper scale of 15 inches wide.

How Many Pendant Lights Over 8 Foot Island?

Depending on the size, you can go with 3 or smaller lights for the 8-foot island if you want. However, if you go to large pendant lights for an 8-foot island, a minimum of two pendant lights will be required.

Many people find magnificence in a pair of pendant lights, while others find it pleasing on odd pendant lights, so it depends on you. However, no matter how much pendant light you use, you must pay attention to accurate measurements.

How Many Pendant Lights Over 9 Foot Island?

How Many Pendants Over Island

According to experts, three pendant lights are an excellent option for a 9-foot island because it provides great coverage on the entire island, as well as an aesthetically pleasing and shining look.

You can also go for 4 small pendant lights or 2 large pendant lights if you want, but you must pay special attention to space measures.

How Many Pendant Lights Over 10 Foot Island?

If you have a 10-foot large island, then you must go to the 4 pendant lights option; try to keep the space up to 24 inches. In this case, if you like odd numbers more like me, then you can choose 3 large pendant lights.

How Many Pendants Over Island: Pendant Light Size Guide

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Should Pendants Be Centered Over The Island?

The short answer is “Yes.” The pendant’s light must be in the center of the island. However, many homeowners have different positioning according to their preferences.

How Many Pendants Should You Put Over a Kitchen Island?

Personally, I would suggest always installing 3, 5 for odd pendant lights. There is a particular reason for this; odd pendant lights design creates much more impression than pair pendant lights. If your island is too small, choose the small pendant light, balance it, and set up 3 pendant lights.

Can You Put a Pendant Light Above a Kitchen Sink?

If your kitchen does not have enough light, you can use a task light on the kitchen sink. However, if you want to hang the pendant light, you must ensure that the lights are not too close to the sink because if you’re going to work efficiently, you must maintain enough space between the light and the sink.

How Do I Choose Kitchen Pendants?

Many factors depend on the selection of kitchen pendants. For example, if your kitchen island and ceiling are much higher, then undoubtedly, your pendant should be wider and taller. And if your lower ceiling and a shorter island, then you have to be a smaller pendant.

How Low Should Pendant Lights Hang?

There are some specific rules for each step in the field of pendant light setup. Generally, a pendant light 12 to 20 inches should be hung for an 8-foot ceiling. However, if your ceiling is much higher, then you will add 3 inches for each additional ceiling foot.

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our how many pendants over island guides have helped you a lot in your decoration process. However, if you have no previous experience setting up a pendant light or are a complete beginner, it is soundest to take the help of experts.

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