Best Glass Pendant Lights Reviews

Best Glass Pendant Lights In 2022

Are you looking for the perfect pendant light fixture to add a touch of elegance to your home and kitchen? If so, consider glass pendant lights.

These fixtures are beautiful and can be used in a variety of settings. It comes in a variety of styles, so you can find one that will match your décor. Here are some tips on choosing the best glass pendant lights for your home.

When choosing glass pendant lights, it’s important to consider the size and shape of the room you’re installing them in.

Pendants work best in smaller spaces, like kitchens or bathrooms. If you have a large space, like a living room or dining room, you may want to choose something bigger than a traditional pendant light.

Top 10 Best Glass Pendant Lights Recommendation

1. CLAXY Industrial Vintage Style Glass Pendant Light

CLAXY Industrial Vintage Style Glass Pendant Light

CLAXY pendant light has a beautiful and stylish design, which is perfect for your kitchen island, coffee shop, bar or dining room.

The clear handblown glass dome shade with oil rubbed bronze finish creates an industrial yet vintage accent that will bring you the best lighting effect.

The glass pendant lights for kitchen are also suitable for home. This pendant light is hardwired and comes with a 47.2-inch length black cord that can be easily shortened to your lighting need. It’s ETL listed for dry locations, so it’s safe to use in kitchens.


Retro & Industrial Style

The CLAXY Vintage Glass Pendant Light a vintage accent with an industrial touch with its oil-rubbed bronze finish and hand-blown dome of clear glass.

Effortlessly Adjustable Height

The height of pendant light comes with a black cord of 47.2 inches in length. This cord is easily adjustable and therefore it is versatile enough for all lighting needs.

Easy Installation

The pendant light comes with all the necessary hardware parts and thus makes the entire installation process easier without any additional expenses.

Trouble-free Cleaning

This hardwired lighting offers an effortlessly removable shade which makes cleaning a lot easier than most other options.

Great Compatibility

The compatibility of the product is remarkable because of the possible application in the lower-sloped ceilings and easy use of the dimmer switch.


  • The light has both an industrial and classy personality that provides great sophistication.
  • You can effortlessly adjust the height according to your lighting requirement.
  • The pendant light has great compatibility and versatility.
  • You find the light very easy to clean due to its removable shade.


  • The installation can be a bit difficult for some of the users.
  • The rigidity is not enough and the quality is also quite low.
  • It doesn’t come with the required bulb.

2. LANROS Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Light

LANROS Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Light

LANROS Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Light is one of the best farmhouse glass pendant lights.

The modern kitchen pendant light has 10-inch bubble glass pendant with handblown seeded shade, added the Edison style bulb to finish the look, gives you a timeless retro vintage touch and a clean modern aesthetic.

The height adjustable wire means you can hang it higher or lower to fit your needs, and the lamp base can be adjusted if you find that you cannot install the bulb straight with the base.

This light is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of character to their kitchen. It is compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL and halogen bulbs.


Perfectly Combined Style

The light has a unique blend of retro and fashion with its seeded shade bubble glass pendant of 10 inches and bulb of Edison style, giving your space a modern aesthetic touch.

Easily Adjustable Lamp Base

This feature allows you to get the right angle of lighting by adjusting the lamp base in case you are facing difficulty installing the bulb.

Smooth Height Adjustment

The wire of 60.75 inches of the pendant light allows you to freely adjust the height according to your requirements.

Highly Compatible

The pendant light has 107.6 to 129.2 square feet of applicable space for great compatibility and also is useful for slanted and sloped ceilings.

Quick & Easy Installment

The Pendant light comes with an installation pack to make the installation process easier and more convenient for the users.


  • It is easy to install by the lamp base adjustment.
  • The light has height adjustment features for versatility.
  • The compatibility of the pendant light is at its max.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.


  • There are some complaints about the quality of the product.
  • Unremovable glass shade makes it difficult to clean.
  • Extra caution during installation is necessary as the glass is quite delicate.

3. LITFAD Tiffany Baroque Glass Pendant Light

LITFAD Tiffany Baroque Glass Pendant Light

LITFAD modern glass pendant light is one of the best glass pendant lights available online.

It has made its way among the top ones with its incredible quality and features. This metal and glass-built pendant light has a great lifespan that is very rare to find.

The Tiffany-style pendant light is perfect for kitchens and other places where decoration is required. It has a width of 37″, a height of 27.5″, and is adjustable in length.

It also weighs 10 kg, making it a sturdy light that will last long. The light can be fitted with LED, CFL, or incandescent bulbs, and has an average lifespan of 1000000 hours.


Great Quality & Lifespan

LITFAD Glass Pendant Light is made of metal and glass that offers a longer lifespan than many other available options and also ensures great quality and stability.

Easy Adjustability

This corded-electric pendant light comes with a conveniently manageable and adjustable cord for an easier and trouble-free setting.

Effortless Installation

The installation of this pendant light is quite easy because it not only comes with a necessary instruction manual to help the users assemble but also comes with all the necessary accessories required for this installation.

Great Compatibility

The light has excellent compatibility as it can support various bulbs like incandescent, CFL, and LED.


  • LITFAD Tiffany Baroque Glass Pendant Light has a prolonged service life because of its excellent quality.
  • You can easily adjust the cord according to your preference.
  • It has great compatibility and versatility.
  • The cost of the light is quite reasonable compared to the other similar options available.


  • LITFAD Tiffany Baroque Glass Pendant Light is quite hard to install as the instruction manual is hard to read.
  • It is a bit on the heavy side.

4. CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Pendant Lighting Glass

CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Pendant Lighting Glass

Among the best glass pendant lights, the CLAXY Pendant Light has made its way to the top few with its great features and ability to create a wholesome environment.

The Pendant glass Light for kitchen is a classic hanging light made of clear handblown glass shade with antique bronze metal finish give a classic appeal to your home; the soothing glow emitted by the hanging light injects a dose of warm coziness into the space; 3 pack.

The 47.2″ length cord can be shortened to meet your lighting needs, offering you a more flexible and convenient installation option.

All hardware parts included for easy installation; hardwired connection. Just hang it up on ceiling.


Combined Styles

The pendant light offers a combination of industrial and classic style for sophistication and character with its handblown clear glass shade and oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Great Adjustability

The cord length of the pendant light is 47.2 inches. This length is easily adjustable according to the preference of the users.

Maximum Compatibility

This hardwires pendant light offers the users maximum compatibility with its 3*E26 base socket as it allows the use of several types of bulbs like CFL, incandescent, LED and smart bulb.

Easy access

The Pendant Lighting Glass open-bottom shade so that the users can easily get access to the bulb for effortless removable and cleaning.


  • CLAXY Pendant Lighting Glass is a great option for dining and kitchen lighting.
  • The combination of styles gives it a sophisticated personality.
  • It has effortless adjustability for convenience.
  • Cleaning and removing shades are easier.


  • Some have complained about the quality of the CLAXY Pendant Lighting Glass.
  • The installation process of the pendant light may be a bit difficult for some of the users.
  • The glass shades are quite fragile.

5. Capital Lighting 330318YG Julian Coastal Style Glass Pendant Light

Capital Lighting 330318YG Julian Coastal Style Glass Pendant Light

This beautiful glass pendant light is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room or kitchen.

The clear glass shade and silver finish frame create a stylish, yet understated look that will complement your decor.

With an E26 medium base socket, this fixture can accommodate up to 100W of incandescent or halogen light bulbs.

The Julian Pendant Light comes with two 6′ long braided cord sets so you can easily install the fixture almost anywhere in your home.

The Julian Pendant Light has been designed with durability and functionality in Other than that, the light also comes with great convenience due to its easy installation and height adjustment features. The medium-based light socket it comes with also ensures great compatibility.


Easy Adjustability

The Capital Lighting Julian Coastal Style Glass Pendant Light comes at a height of 15.5 inches in order to provide the users with effortless adjustability according to preference.

Effortless Installation

The pendant light comes with all the necessary hardware pieces to mount the fixture properly and therefore makes the installation process easier without any additional expenses.

Great compatibility

The Capital lighting glass pendant has great compatibility due to its medium-based light socket as it allows the use of several types of bulbs including LED, halogen, CFL, incandescent, etc.

Several Applications

This lighting has more application areas than most other options as you can use it in not only bedrooms, and other rooms in the house, but also in the foyer, stairway as well.


  • Capital Glass Pendant Light is of great quality due to its iron build.
  • It has easily adjustable height for convenience and comfort.
  • Installation of the light is easier and doesn’t require additional tools.
  • It is highly compatible in the case of bulbs and applications.


  • Capital Lighting Julian Coastal Style Glass Pendant Light may be a bit on the costly side in comparison to others.
  • The shade is not removable and so cleaning can be quite difficult.

6. KSANA Farmhouse Wood and Glass Pendant Lighting

KSANA Farmhouse Wood and Glass Pendant Lighting

The KSANA farmhouse glass pendant lights are shining star for your kitchen. Its seeded teardrop shape glass shade with an open center makes replacing light bulbs easy.

It crafts gold finish, making it the epitome of modern and practicality. This pendant lighting is 6” in diameter X 12” in height, making it perfect to hung individually or arrayed in a group.

The canopy comes in a standard 5 inches diameter and 1 inch height, designed to fully cover the standard size of the junction box.

This glass small pendant light, besides giving the preferred warmth, also offers great features.

It is not only effortlessly installable without requiring any extra tool or expenses but also offers easy adjustability for more convenient and specific use.


Seeded Glass

This farm-style pendant light is a timeless beauty that is of mouthblown glass and provides a modern touch.

Easy Adjustability

The height of the lighting is easily adjustable from 74 to 16 inches according to preference.

Effortless installation

The installation process of this pendant lighting is quite effortless and can be done within 20 minutes without requiring any additional help or tool.

Various Application

This light can easily blend into any room necessary and therefore it can cover different areas and not only render its service to a specific type of room.


  • KSANA Farmhouse Wood and Glass Pendant Lighting is suitable for dim environments.
  • You can effortlessly install the light without facing difficulty.
  • It is suitable for a wide range of areas hence has great compatibility.
  • The flexibility is remarkable and also the easy adjustability.


  • KSANA Farmhouse Wood and Glass Pendant Lighting does not provide enough light for areas that require high lighting.
  • The flexibility of the cord can be a problem for some users.

7. Royal Pearl 3-Light LED Dimmable Crystal Glass Pendant Light

Royal Pearl 3-Light LED Dimmable Crystal Glass Pendant Light

Looking for a unique and dazzling handmade blown glass pendant lights for your kitchen? Look no further than the Royal Pearl 3-Light LED Pendant Light.

This beautiful light features a unique design with crystal goblets that create an elegant and stylish look. The light is also adjustable, so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Plus, it uses LED lights, so you can enjoy long-lasting brightness with minimal energy consumption.

The Crystal Glass Pendant Light is an oversized glass pendant light that has great features and uniqueness regarding its build.

It is also of great quality and therefore offers a prolonged lifespan. Other than that, the dimmable characteristics and adjustable height are also two of the most remarkable qualities it possesses.


Unique Design

The linear globe shape of this pendant light gives it a unique touch. The design is also made distinct by the shadow of water ripples that is quite rare to find.

Prolonged Lifespan

The multi-angle laser cutting and the multilayer diaphragms ensures a longer service life of this crystal pendant light.

Adjustable Height

The crystal pendant comes with a metal boom of two of 3 inches, 7 inches, 11 inches, and 12 inches. The users are allowed to adjust these easily to a maximum of 59 inches.


The 24-watt LED light has a 2160 lm brightness; it is easily dimmable to any level you choose to prefer according to your need.


  • Royal Pearl 3-Light LED Dimmable Crystal Glass Pendant Light is great for long-time use.
  • The unique design is eye-catching.
  • You can dim it to your preferred level of intensity.
  • You can easily adjust the height.


  • Royal Pearl 3-Light LED Dimmable Crystal Glass Pendant Light may be a bit on the expensive side compared to other available options.

Buying Guide – Read Before You Buy!

There are several things to consider when buying the best glass pendant light for yourself according to your preferences and requirements. The factors to look out for are given below for your convenience.


The style of a pendant light is an important factor to consider because it needs to complement the style of the room when you plan on hanging it.

Best Glass Pendant Lights

As there are several decor styles available out there, you must consider which one will match your room and will provide it with character and choose wisely according to that analysis.

There is farmhouse, industrial, and modern look of pendant lights, and you’ll need to consider each style properly in order to select the right one for you.


Material is another important factor you need to consider. Because it not only impacts the outlook of the pendant light but also impacts the lifespan and the quality of the product.

glass pendant lights material

If you are not on a budget then you should go for high-end pendant lights because they are mostly made of glass, metal, and concrete.

These materials can offer you maximum strength and rigidity which is quite rare to find. There are also plastic and fabric materials that cost a reasonable amount. So, according to your budget limit, you’ll have to choose the right one.

Installment Process

The installation process of a pendant light is another great factor to look into. If you can’t install your pendant light properly then the entire outcome will contradict your expectation.

Installment Process Of Glass Pendant Light

Try to get a pendant light that comes with a user manual as well as all the necessary tools required to install the light.

In case your one doesn’t have a manual, make sure the manual is available online so that you can get help when in trouble.


Another thing to consider is the space where you want to hang your pendant light. If the light doesn’t suit your space properly then the entire operation will be a disaster.

So depending on which room you want to set your pendant saw and what kind of space that room has, you’ll have to choose the light wisely so that the end result is satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Island pendant lights going out of style?

Ans: Island pendant lights are not going out of style, in fact, they are very much in style. However, the function of these lights is a bit different than the other ones.

It is possible that certain designs, shapes, and styles will go out of style over time, but as it is possible to create these lights in different, unique styles that never existed before, these island pendant lights may not go out of style for a long time.

Q: What are the different types of pendant lights?

Ans: There are mainly 8 types of pendant lights available out there. They all have different names and functions.

The different types of this light are Lantern Pendants, Shade Pendants, Linear Pendant, Cord Pendants, Globe Pendant Lights, Drum Shade Pendants, Multi Light Pendants, and Glass Pendants.

Q: What is the canopy on a pendant light?

Ans: The canopy on a pendant light is typically a round, decorative plate, covering the electric box that is a light fixture’s part and lays against the ceiling.

There are three types of canopies, from where it is possible to hang the mount pendant- a heavy-duty canopy, a hang-straight canopy, and lastly, a standard canopy.

Q: How do you raise a pendant light?

Ans: It is very easy to raise a pendant light. Firstly, you need to locate the grub screw of the canopy. This screw is responsible for holding the cable properly.

Then you need to loosen the screw and pull or push the cable in between the hole. This way, you’ll be able to adjust the height. Finally, you’ll need to re-tighten the screw and you’ll be done with raising your pendant light.


We described about the best glass pendant lights available in the market. We have vividly talked about the 7 best available options for you to choose from.

CLAXY Vintage Style Glass Pendant Light is a great way to add some style and personality to your home.

With so many different styles and colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect light for your needs. Plus, these pendants are made of high-quality materials that will last for years.

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your home décor, be sure to check out CLAXY Vintage Style Glass Pendant Lights.

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