What Size Recessed Light For Kitchen?

What Size Recessed Lights For Kitchen? 3 Best Tips

At present, you cannot simply find a house without recessed light. Day by day, recessed lights have become an essential part of interior lighting. Due to this, everyone installs recessed lights in the dining room, drawing room as well as kitchen room.

Installing recessed light in the right size and the suitable space, on the one hand, it gives a great bright look; on the other hand, it has a few more advantages, which we will share below.

When installing recessed lights in the kitchen room, many people ask a common question: What size recessed lights for kitchen do they install? Where should recessed lights be placed in the kitchen? Including these types of many more questions.

However, in this article, we will answer all these basic questions, as well as the details of the use of recessed lighting in the kitchen will discuss everything.

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For The Kitchen?

One of the most important rooms in your house is the kitchen. Due to which the excellent lighting of this room is very important like other rooms. There are also some great advantages to great lighting, and it affects anyone’s feelings.

What Size Recessed Light For Kitchen

And especially during cooking time, the natural light color is very important to increase the most careful attention in cooking and clearly see all the ingredients. In this case, recessed light is the best choice for use in the kitchen to provide natural color.

Currently, you can see multiple types of recessed lighting sources in the market, but not all light will give you the best lighting result.

Because each recessed light is specifically great used in a particular place. Here you can read our best recessed light for kitchen guide, where you can find out in full details what type of lighting is best for your kitchen.

What Size Recessed Lights For Kitchen and How To Measure them?

In Markets, you can see different sizes of recessed light. However, a lot depends on the field of choosing recessed light, for example, the size of your kitchen, ceiling height, layout and choosing your personal style.

How To Measure Recessed Lighting Size?

Another thing to keep in mind is the specifications and diameter of the light. You can easily calculate how many recessed lights to set up in how many inches is all that.

Usually, the size range of recessed light is 4 inches to 6 inches. Especially for the ceiling of a small kitchen, 4 inches light has the best result. Also, many people want to know what amount of distance is required in each field of light setup?

In fact, the layout depends on many things, such as kitchen design, color and much more. According to professionals, if your kitchen ceiling is 12 feet, then the light should be 5 feet apart.

Tips and Tricks For Kitchen Recessed Lighting Design

  • You must keep in mind that you do not put the recessed light very close to the top cabinet and wall. Maintain a minimum distance of 3 feet. It will help you a lot to avoid undesirable shadows.
  • You can easily solve the problem of excessive lighting with the help of dimmers, so according to experts, over lights are much better than under lights. If you don’t have an extra light, you can install a fixture and arrange extra light effortlessly.
  • Also, before choosing a recessed light, you must calculate the size of your kitchen ceiling and choose the diameter of the light accordingly.

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Final Verdict

Recessed light is one of the best ways to illuminate your kitchen as you like and give you an eye-catching look by choosing the right size recessed light according to your plan.

Hopefully, in this article, we have been able to give you at least some idea about the recessed light sizing of the kitchen, and it will help you a lot in choosing the proper size kitchen recessed light.

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