What Size Recessed Lights For Bedroom

What Size Recessed Lights For Bedroom – How Many Recessed Lights You’ll Need?

The bedroom of any house is an important spot where everyone spends most of the time, so the room needs to be very peaceful and full of pleasant lighting. Recessed lighting is often the best choice for superb lighting in any room. So, on the one hand, perfect sizes recessed lighting to highlight the extraordinary brightness of the bedroom, on the other hand, to decorate the ceiling of the bedroom.

Suppose the best recessed light and fixtures you choose are not ideally placed in measurements and sizes. In that case, it will never enhance the usually suitable illumination and the most desirable decoration in your room. So perfect sizes recessed light, as well as balancing, is very important to get outstanding performance. In addition, while decorating your home it is very important to consult with an interior designer to get ideas about which types of lights are best for your bedroom.

In this article, we will share what size recessed lights for bedroom you will need. Also, how many recessed lights you can attach to your ceiling for great decoration and get the most desirable illuminated performance. So let’s start step by step.

What Size Recessed Lights For Bedroom

Most of the time, I hear these questions from many homeowners, what is the best size of recessed lighting in the bedroom? Though many people have different answers to these questions. The most common bedroom recessed lighting sizes are 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches.

What Size Recessed Lights For Bedroom

However, Maximum experts recommend using 6 inches of recessed lighting for the bedroom. It is a regular size that provides excellent, bright performance in almost any style of bedroom.

How Many Recessed Lights Do You Need In Your Bedroom?

An easy way to calculate how many recessed lights you will need in your bedroom; first, calculate the total square foot of your room by × 1.5 = then the result you will get is how much wattage your room needs. Then divide the total wattage by the bulb of the wattage you want to install so that you get the number of recessed light bulbs you need in your room.

How Many Recessed Lights Do You Need In Your Bedroom

For easy understanding, we are sharing step by step below with an example, let’s see.

  • Step 1: Measure the total length × width of your bedroom, then you get the total square feet of your room; for example, 15 feet × 20 feet = 300 square feet.
  • Step 2: Multiply the total square feet by 1.5 to determine the amount of wattage needed in your bedroom; for example, 300 s.f × 1.5 = 450 wattages.
  • Step 3: Then divide the total wattage by the amount of wattage you are planning to install recessed light bulbs (40 watts, 60 watts, 75 watts, 100 watts, etc.). By doing this, you will get the amount of bulb you need; for example, 450 wattages ÷ 75-watt bulbs = 6 bulbs.

The above formula allows you to calculate exactly how many bulbs you will need to properly install recessed lighting in your bedroom. When planning the lighting installation, make sure to keep a distance of 2 feet from the side of the very corner of the house walls.

Final Verdict

To have perfect recessed lighting, you must know how many bulbs you need in your bedroom, as well as what size recessed lighting is required. Because of the extra lighting, you will never get the perfect brightness. Also, you will not find the attraction of the ceiling of the house in such a way.

I hope you got the answer to the question “what size recessed lights for bedroom.” As well as the number of recessed light bulbs you will need for your bedroom and how to calculate a short formula.

If you have any questions about this guide, please let us know in the comment section below.

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