Difference Between Recessed Lighting and Flush Mount Lighting

Recessed Lighting vs Flush Mount Lighting – A Full Explained Comparison Guide

When decorating the interior of any new or old house, the most important aspect of paying attention to is the interior light setup.

And many homeowners get confused when they come to this step, especially which lighting setup will be great, which lighting will show the house’s beauty more, with many more questions like this.

Recessed light and flush mount light are the two most common lighting setups for interior lighting decoration. Unfortunately, many homeowners are puzzled about these two lightings, whichever is the best choice for their interior room; anyway, if you want to know the difference and detailed comparison of recessed lighting vs flush mount lighting like them, this comparison guide is for you.

In this guide, you will find out what is the difference between flush mounted and recessed lighting, as well as their type, design, and which lighting setup is perfect for your home. Let’s go.

First, let’s get acquainted with recessed lighting and flush mount lighting briefly.

Recessed Light Overview

Recessed lighting is usually installed on the wall, inside a ceiling, and on other surfaces. Its fixture consists of three main components, trim, housing, and bulb.

Recessed Lighting vs Flush Mount Lighting

Many people also call recessed light pot light, can light, and downlight. It is especially great for decorating your room, as well as providing great lighting. We have also discussed in detail below some of its more special features and advantages.

Flush Mount Lighting Overview

Flush mount is a perfect lighting choice for low ceilings. It does not require any type of can in installing, as well as no needed space between the fixture and ceiling.

Flush Mount Lighting

It comes in different shapes and designs that provide great decoration in any type of room, large or small, and on any side. It also offers excellent brightness, like recessed lighting.

Recessed Lighting vs Flush Mount Lighting

In this section, we will show the main differences between both flush mount and recessed lighting part by part analysis and compare so that you can easily understand the main difference between these two lighting.


In terms of durability, both recessed light and flush mount are equally advanced. The current recessed and flush mount lights are built in different shapes and designs to improve the view of different angles of different rooms.

Also, in terms of constant, both model’s lights last from 1000 hours to 50,000 hours, which is more than 5 years. So overall both flush mount and recessed light are great in durability.

Position to the Ceiling

In the field of recessed lighting, it is essential to have enough space inside the ceiling for fixture installing.

Recessed Lighting vs Flush Mount Lighting Position

However, there is a downside to this, which is to level the house’s ceiling, and there is no space inside the ceiling in the field of recessed light installation is not possible, and recessed light is not suitable for their house.

On the other hand, the most useful aspect of flush mount light is installing it on both ceilings; even if you do not have space on your ceiling, you can easily install it.

Energy Efficient

Recessed light sets have 4 to 12 pieces of light together. That’s why many think they may consume a lot of electricity bills, but this is a misconception; most of the recessed light sets have a lot more energy-efficient features than regular light, which is the highest, up to 93%.

Due to which recessed light is much ahead in terms of brightness and energy savings compared to regular light.

On the other hand, the updated flush mount lights are energy-saving but less energy efficient than recessed lighting. Both lights are the same in terms of brightness.


One of the best advantages of recessed lighting is that it does not require as much maintenance as other regular bulbs.

Its rim or light cover always protects the bulb, which prevents any kind of dust from entering and does not directly affect the brightness.

As a result, the recessed light can be used for many years without any kind of maintenance.

On the other hand, Flush mount lighting is much easier to maintain; it does not easily attack any type of room dust as it is directly attached to the ceiling, although you can easily clean it.

So in terms of maintenance, recessed light is a little bit ahead and much easier.


Though recessed light has many great features, but if you are a total beginner in the field of recessed light fixture installation, then you must struggle a lot.

Recessed Lighting

Because inside the ceiling, you first need to create a hole in the ceiling to install the pots, and then you can install the lighting after wearing all the cables correctly in the junction box.

And once installing everything in a perfect way, you can easily replace the recessed lights at a later time without any problems.

On the other hand, the process of installing flush mount lighting is very simple, and you can easily install it on the ceiling with the help of a screwdriver and drilling without any kind of hole or other hassles. So in this aspect, flush mount lighting is much ahead compared to recessed lighting.

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Final Verdict: Which One Is Great For Your House?

Flush mount and recessed lighting are both perfect for ceiling lighting of any room. However, before lighting, you need to know which one will fit perfectly with the ceiling of your house.

Hopefully, you have already figured out which one might be the best choice for your home ceiling and understand the comparison between recessed lighting vs flush mount. But, even then, we are saying briefly for the last time for easy understanding.

If you have enough space for housing inside the ceiling of your home, as well as if you are looking for wet room capabilities, energy-saving, and easily maintainable lighting, then undoubtedly recessed lighting setup is the most suitable choice for you.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a good light diffuser, easily manageable, and energy-saving ceiling lighting, then flush mount lighting is an excellent choice for you. If you have any questions related to this article, please let us know in the comment section below.

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