Best Dimmable LED Recessed Light Bulbs Reviews

Best Dimmable LED Recessed Light Bulbs

Dimmable LED recessed lighting is always popular for its extraordinary features and instant room environment change.

On the one hand, it provides bright light during your work; on the other hand, it offers soft and warm light for relaxation or romance.

Best dimmable LED recessed light bulbs have many advantages; they are much ahead in terms of durability compared to other bulbs.

These last for a long time, save a lot of energy, also you have the advantage of being able to dimmable with the help of a dimmer switch.

Best Dimmable LED Recessed Light Bulbs Ultimate Guide

You will find many dimmable LED options in markets, which will confuse you as to which one is best for you.

No need to worry so much; our specialist team has listed the best dimmable LED recessed light bulbs, which will help you find the best dimmable bulbs in your recessed setup.

However, before starting our journey, we will suggest you take a look at our comparison table. It will help you a lot in easily understanding the differences between these five LEDs.

Comparison Table Of Dimmable LED Recessed Light Bulbs

NameNumber of LightsLumensColor TemperaturesDimming CapabilitiesLifespanBase Type
Sunco Lighting BR3012 Lights850 Lumens3000KYES25,000 HoursE26
Energetic Smarter BR306 Lights650 Lumens3000KYES15,000 HoursE26
Hykolity BR30 Recessed Flood Light Bulb10 Lights1000 Lumens5000KYES25,000 HoursE26
Energetic Smarter BR306 Lights750 Lumens5000KYES15,000 HoursE26
Philips GU10 LED Bulbs3 Lights400 Lumens3000KYES10,950 HoursGU10

1. Sunco Lighting 12 Pack BR30 Recessed LED Bulbs

Sunco Lighting 12 Pack BR30 Recessed LED Bulbs

Undoubtedly, Sunco lighting is the recessed LED light brand in the light industry. Most of their lights have great lumens and color temperatures as well as provide long-lasting performance. 

The biggest advantage is that you are getting a 12 pack of Sunco bulbs in your budget. If you want, you can easily put it in your living room as well as kitchen, drawing, dining and bedroom.


Another great advantage of Sunco recessed bulbs is that it is designed to maintain optimal performance and safety by maintaining the highest standards.

Also, it provides brilliant illumination performance for a long time. It offers a long-lasting performance of up to 25000 hours.

It is the perfect choice for the interior recessed can of your house, which allows you to install it in any place easily, and you also get a five-year warranty to ensure durability.

Dimmable and Brightness Performance

The Sunco BR30 LED bulb provides the best illumination of 850 lumens, as well as its 3000K warm white color temperature. One of its great advantages is that it has dimmable features.

Which fits easily with any mood. It will allow you to set up the brightness as you like. Its dimming capabilities are 100% to 10%, which will allow you to set up the lighting according to your eyes comfort.

Overall Impression

Overall it is a remarkable recessed led bulb pick with dimmable capabilities features. As it is extremely energy-saving, it provides great brightness and also saves a lot of electricity bill.


  • Built with the highest standards maintained.
  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Dimming capabilities fit any mood.
  • Great Bright Performance
  • Wide coverage area.


  • Some users complain that when turned ON, it creates a pop sound.

2. Energetic Smarter BR30 LED Recessed Light Bulbs

Energetic Smarter BR30 LED Recessed Light Bulbs

The Energetic Smarter BR30 light bulb is our budget friendly pick. Many of us are looking for the best recessed bulbs for outdoors and indoors; it is great picks for them. All of its remarkable advantages have attracted us a lot, which we share below step by step.


One of the great advantages of using an Energetic Smarter is that once it is installed, you will not need to replace the recessed bulb repeatedly for a long time.

Each of its bulbs lasts effortlessly for 15,000 hours and more. As well as extraordinary brightness, performance will extraordinarily lighten your interior. It also has a 2 year warranty that helps you use it for assured.

Dimmable and Brightness Performance

Energetic Smarter bulbs provide 650 lumens of brightness, which can easily illuminate a room a lot; also, its color temperatures are 3000K warm white.

One of the best advantages is that it has smooth dimmable features, which are 100% to 10%. By doing this, you can fit the color with your room according to your needs. In addition, its 120 degree beam angle provides light everywhere.

Overall Impression

Overall, Energetic Smarter Lighting’s 6 pack dimmable LED bulbs are a great choice for indoor recessed cans. It is also the best pick among the budgets.


  • Reduce Eye Strain
  • Longer Life Durability
  • Budgets Friendly
  • Save Electricity
  • Instant ON with full brightness


  • Maybe installing process is little bit hassles

3. Hykolity BR30 Recessed Flood Light Bulb

Hykolity BR30 Recessed Flood Light Bulb

Compared to other regular recessed light, the Hykolity is much ahead in terms of brightness performance. It also has long-lasting performance, energy-saving features and many more.


In terms of durability, the Hykolity is far ahead of our previous bulb. The Hykolity 10 pack LED bulbs come with more than 25000 hours lifespan, resulting in the long-lasting performance of exact brightness without any extra cost.

Another great advantage is that these LED bulbs are built in an environmentally friendly way and are suitable for use in all types of indoor rooms as well as outdoor. To ensure its durability performance, you get a guaranteed 3 years warranty.

Dimmable and Brightness Performance

Hykolity provides 1000 lumens brightness and 5000K color temperatures, which makes every room wonderfully illuminated. Its 110 degree beam angle illuminates the entire area.

Another great advantage is that it has smooth dimmable features, which are 100% to 5%. By doing this, you can get the color fit according to your demand. However, to get its dimmable features, you will need a dimmer with it.

Overall Impression

It will fit perfectly with a 5/6 inch diameter recessed can. Its exceptional long-lasting performance and perfect dimmable and brightness performance will match perfectly with your recessed led setup. As it is energy savings, It will also help a lot in the field of your electricity bill savings.


  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Up to 85% Energy Saving
  • A great choice for indoor.
  • Great Illumination Performance
  • 3 years long warranty


  • Not great for track fixtures.

4. Energetic Smarter BR30 Indoor LED Recessed Light Bulbs

Energetic Smarter BR30 Indoor LED Recessed Light Bulbs

Another Energetic Smarter pick on this article. It is a perfect choice for indoor recessed lighting. One of the great aspects of this is that it is another budget pick of 6 dimmable LED bulbs.

And it’s amazing energy savings and brightness performance will brighten any room indoors in a wonderful way.


One of the great advantages of Energetic Smarter is its remarkable durability. It effortlessly lasts more than 15,000 hours.

As a result, you will enjoy extraordinary brightness for a long time as well as get rid of a lot of hassles like changing any bulbs. You also get a guaranteed warranty for 3 years to ensure durability.

Dimmable and Brightness Performance

In terms of brightness performance, the Energetic smarter bulbs recessed bulbs are much better than other regular LED bulbs.

The bulbs of this series of Energetic Smarter deliver 750 lumens brightness, as well as provide color temperatures of 5000K daylight bright.

Another great advantage is that it is 100% to 10% dimmable, so you can dim the brightness as you like.

Overall Impression

On the one hand, Energetic Smarter is very durable and brighter; on the other hand, it is much easier to install.

Its high quality LED bulbs also provide instant lighting without any buzzing or flickering. Overall it is another great 6 packs of dimmable LED bulbs.


  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Saving Electricity Bill
  • Dimmingsmoothly fit any mood in your room.
  • No buzzing or flickering
  • Great Illumination Performance


  • None

5. Philips GU10 Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

Philips GU10 Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

There are many who have put GU10 base type in their recessed lighting setup. But you can’t find the best GU10 base dimmable bulbs for installation. Philips GU10 dimmable LED light bulbs are a perfect choice for them.

We all know the Philips light brand; it is one of the most popular LED brands in the world. And this GU10 base light series is very popular.

One of the best advantages of this is that it has eye comfort features, which provide a lot of comfort to your eyes.


The Philips GU10 is far ahead in terms of quality, and it lags far behind our other picks in terms of durability.

It can run smoothly for about 11,000 hours, which is sure to last a few years effortlessly. It also has lots of energy-saving bulbs.

Dimmable and Brightness Performance

The Philips GU10 offers a lot of smooth dimmable performance, which fits perfectly with your interior; it also has the advantage of eye comfort; its dimmable features do not harm your eyes.

It also provides a brightness of 400 lumens; Though it is much lower than our other picks, But it provides great illumination. It also delivers bright 3000K color temperatures.

Overall Impression

We all know about the quality of Philips LED; on the one hand, it provides such extraordinary brightness; on the other hand, its durability is very satisfactory. As it is pin-based, it is especially perfect for pin-based recessed holder cans.


  • Saving 80% Electricity Bill
  • Comfort of your eyes
  • No buzzing or flickering
  • Wide coverage area.
  • Warm and comfortable lighting


  • Buzzing Noise

Things to Consider Before Buying

Buying dimmable recessed light bulbs is not a difficult task, but some important factors need to be considered before purchasing.

However, we are mentioning below some essential things that will help you a lot in finding the best LED bulbs easily.


The first thing to consider when choosing a dimmable LED is the brightness of the bulbs. The easiest way to understand the exact brightness is to look at the lumens of the bulbs.

Brightness ratings are usually calculated by lumens; one thing to keep in mind, higher lumens means higher brightness.

Best Dimmable LED Recessed Light Bulbs

Usually, dimmable bulbs have lumens of 600 to 1500+. To get the best brightness performance, we will suggest you pick light by looking at higher lumens.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is a part of the brightness output of LED light, and it is also an important part, but many buyers ignore it.

However, in order to get a great brightness performance, it has to be given priority along with lumens.

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Usually, color temperature means the color of light. Cool lights are blue or white, while warm lights are slightly orange or yellow.

In this case, to understand the color temperature, you have to look at the ratings with light. Normally, in indoor and outdoor recessed lighting, the color temperature of the bulbs is 3000K or 6000K.

The lower number here means light is warm temperature, while the higher number means light cooler temperature.


Another important aspect of dimmable LEDs is its durability. The easy way to recognize durability is longer life, brightness performance, including the overall aspects, are included by durability, so you must check and then take them.


Though dimmable LED recessed lights last a long time, to ensure security, it is necessary to look at the warranty.

Many dimmable led bulbs manufacturers provide 2 years to 5 years warranty with their led for their customer satisfaction. So you try to be a little sure to see the warranty for the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Dimmable Light Bulbs?

Ans: Dimming means reducing the lamp’s output, and the full meaning is the ability to increase and decrease the illuminating of your dimmable bulbs.

Q. Can You Use Dimmable Bulbs in Non-Dimmable Lights?

Ans: The short answer is “Yes”, you can use dimmable LED bulbs, non-dimmable circuits. It will provide the same brightness as other regular led bulbs. If you want to increase or decrease the brightness, then you will need a dimmer.

However, one thing to keep in mind: non-dimmable lights never put on the dimmable circuit; the lights circuit will be critically damaged.

Q. Is it OK to Use Dimmable Bulbs without a Dimmer?

Ans: Yes, you can easily use dimmable led bulbs without any dimmer, so you can use it like normal bulbs; you will not get the advanced features in dimmable led.

Q. Can I Use a Regular Dimmer for LED Lights?

Ans: It is very important to use its own special dimmer for each dimmable LED light so that you will get the features of the full dimmable function effortlessly. But as a result of regular dimmer use, you can not enjoy the full features of LED lights.

Q. Can You Use a Dimmable Bulb in a 3 Way Lamp?

Ans: No, a dimmable bulb cannot work on a three-way lamp because three-way lamps have two different types of circuits, which do not fit with a dimmable bulb. Dimmable bulbs work well with one normal circuit.

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Final Verdict

In this article, we have tried to share a completely honest review of the best dimmable LED bulbs. And we have selected each bulb by looking at different features and benefits and sharing complete advantages and disadvantages. This way you can easily understand which is the perfect choice for you.

If you are looking for all in one dimmable recessed light, then we would suggest picking up Sunco Lighting 12 Pack LED bulbs. Or, if you are looking within the budget, then you can choose our second pick, Energetic Smarter bulbs.

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